[A-DX] SDR Netzgeräte - Vergleich

M. van Arnhem
Sa Mär 14 10:56:51 CET 2015

>Wobei es mich schon interessierte, ob so ein Netzteil beim Perseus eine
Verringerung des Rauschens auf MW brächte, oder ob es rausgeworfenes >Geld
Martin     http://webadresse.geloescht/

Hallo Martin,

Bjarne Mjelde schrieb in 2013:

The original Perseus switching PSU is good quality with regards to RFI, but
it's not good enough for quiet locations. For some time, we have used rather
huge and heavy linear PSUs in Kongsfjord. Looking for something smaller, I
observed a message in the Perseus reflector recommending a cheap PSU from
pollin.de. The actual PSU is

I bought three of these. Despite the low price, they appear to be well-built
(they can actually be opened!) and they work well with both the Perseus and
the NetSDR with no RFI observed. The voltage is 5.12VDC, which is well
within tolerance limits of the SDRs.

While the PSUs themselves were cheap at EUR 3 a piece, shipping to Norway
added no less than EUR 35 to the total! They use Paypal, but only for German
customers. So I needed to do a rather costly IBAN transfer instead. No
credit cards supported.

So it's a mixed bag, really. Around EUR 50 for three PSUs is somewhat in the
higher end of the scale but they appear to work fine.


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